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My first introduction to firearms was over 40 years ago when my father took me plinking with a .22 on the shore of Nueces Bay in Corpus Christi. I have had a love affair with firearms since. From my grandfather’s old hunting rifle and vintage surplus rifles to pistols and modern sporting rifles, I have come to know, care for and work on many a firearm over the years. BlackSage Arms has been in business since October of 2013. We had been selling parts and pieces and polymer 80 percent lowers at gun shows in the Omaha/Kansas City area when one of our closest friends passed away two weeks from his retirement with a pile of “when I do X, I am going to’s” left undone. “Crazy Uncle Kenny” had inspired us over the years, and it was in his passing that led us to finally move forward. We now have a certified gunsmith on staff and have moved into firearm sales and service. We welcome you to BlackSage Arms and look forward to bringing all of our experience together to bring you quality in product, sales and service. Beyond that we want to show that we provide service after the sale. BlackSage Arms is a family owned and operated business.

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Zack Wagner
Zack Wagner